Commander (Elder Dragon Highlander)

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Commander was released June 17th, 2011 to the public and was based off the fan made format Elder Dragon Highlander after Wizards of the Coast decided to adopt the format into a legal format since it became so popular. The format was legalized and with this 5 new premade decks were released to the public. These decks included 3 possible "Generals" and 51 new cards to the game, all Legacy and Vintage legal.

[edit] Format

Commander has a special format to it as opposed to others such as Legacy and Standard. A Commander deck is based around 1 legendary creature card, with which the deck has to be of the same color. In the commander deck there can be no more than 1 copy of each card with the exception of basic lands. You can play cards normally as in any other format, but there are a few minor changes. Your "General" can be played at any time as long as you are able to do so normally and whenever your "General" dies, it get's sent back to the Commander Zone OR you can choose to have it go to your graveyard. Once the commander has been sent back to the zone it came from, it was cost you 2 more mana to play next time. Once a single player has taken 21 or more damage from a single Commander they instantly lose the game, no matter how much like they have. You start out with 40 life in this format.

[edit] Pre Made Decks

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When the format was legalized, Wizards created 5 new decks loosely based around two allie colors and 1 enemy color. They came with 3 possible generals, each box having a completely new legendary creature. In total there are 51 new cards from this special edition format.

[edit] Deck Names

Deck Name: Heavenly Inferno

Commander: Kaalia of the Vast

Deck Name: Mirror Mastery

Commander: Riku of Two Reflections

Deck Name: Counterpunch

Commander: Ghave, Guru of Spores

Deck Name: Political Puppets

Commander: Zedruu the Greathearted

Deck Name: Devour for Power

Commander: The Mimeoplasm

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