Gilt-Leaf Ambush

Gilt-Leaf Ambush LRW.jpg

Gilt-Leaf Ambush 2 Mana.gifG Mana.gif

Type(s): Tribal Instant - Elf
Description: Put two 1/1 green Elf Warrior creature tokens onto the battlefield. Clash with an opponent. If you win, those creatures gain deathtouch until end of turn. (Each clashing player reveals the top card of his or her library, then puts that card on the top or bottom. A player wins if his or her card had a higher converted mana cost. Creatures dealt damage by a creature with deathtouch are destroyed. You can divide combat damage from a creature with deathtouch among any of the creatures blocking or blocked by it.)
Converted Mana Cost: Mana 3.png
Block: Lorwyn
Rarity: Common
Card #: 214/301
Artist: Steve Prescott
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