Ice Age


As we move away from the more desolate lands of fire and fighting, we move closer and closer into a freezing oblivion that will cascade the land is snow, ice, and temperatures of freezing and below. We move away from Dominaria and into the frozen lands… Of Ice Age!

Ice Age was released in 1995 and is the eleventh set in the Magic the Gathering series. The story is that after the Urza Saga, the world was thrown into a freeze hell. This set has a few charms about it, but is constantly references as a set that most people started play in.

This set was the first to introduce the following:

Snow Permanent: These type of cards were solely in Ice Age and Coldsnap. These appeared on Lands which would read "Basic Snow Covered LandType". Creature would be labeled as "Snow Creature - CreatureType". There were also cards in the set that revolved around this type of permanent. Some cards like Rimehorn Auroch have abilities that must be activated by snow covered lands.

Cumulative Upkeep: This mechanic forces the player to pay a cost each turn that rises with each turn. If the player cannot pay the cost, the card is sacrificed.

Multi-colored Legends: This set was the first to introduce multi-colored Legendary Creatures.

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