Minotaur Illusionist

Minotaur Illusionist AP.jpg

Minotaur Illusionist 3 Mana.gifU Mana.gifR Mana.gif

Type(s): Creature - Minotaur Wizard
Description: Mana 1.pngMana BL.png: Minotaur Illusionist gains shroud until end of turn. (It can't be the target of spells or abilities.)
Mana R.png, Sacrifice Minotaur Illusionist: Minotaur Illusionist deals damage equal to its power to target creature.
Converted Mana Cost: Mana 5.png
P/T: 3/4
Block: Apocalypse
Rarity: Uncommon
Card #: 111/148
Artist: Mark Zug
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