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Mirrodin block/set was released on October of 2003. This set is the 50th set, meaning the 50th anniversary of Magic the Gathering. This set features some new and interesting ideas to the battlefield and brings some fun mechanics with it. This block/set revolves around metal and machines. A plane of horrid creatures, including some oddly placed ones such as Elves and Goblins and even humans, in constant turmoil with each other. However, this set (much like it's re-visted partner Scars of Mirrodin) revolves around acting with and to artifacts. This set also introduced Equipments into the game which have been around since.

[edit] Story

The story around Mirrodin is that a planeswalker named Karn created Mirrodin and around the time of Fifth Dawn he left and Memnarch became in charge. Around this time a young elf from the Tangle named Glissa (card name Glissa Sunseeker) emerged after being attacked by Leveler's and must venture her way through the plane of Mirrodin to stop the Memnarch from completely destroying the land. Little did she know that is was because of Karn that she had the dreams that sent her on this long journey. On her way she met new friends to help her like the goblin Slobad, Goblin Tinkerer and Bosh, the Iron Golem and later Geth, Lord of the Vault. After much questing, Karn returns to Glissa and the group after seeing the state of Mirrodin that Memnarch had put it in. After the destruction of Memnarch, Karn left the group leaving Mirrodin in the care of Glissa, Slobad, and Keth as the new guardian of Mirrodin.

[edit] Mechanics

  • Affinity allows the user to pay less for a single card with affinity for each other artifact in play under their control.
  • Imprint allows the player to remove a card from the game and the card that imprints it can gain special abilities of the card removed.
  • Entwine is a extra cost of a card so that you may play both abilities listed on the card instead of just one.
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