Renegade Doppelganger

Renegade Doppelganger ROE.jpg

Renegade Doppelganger Mana 1.pngMana BL.png

Type(s): Creature - Shapeshifter
Description: Whenever another creature enters the battlefield under your control, you may have Renegade Doppelganger become a copy of that creature until end of turn. (If it does, it loses this ability for the rest of the turn.)
Flavor Text: To truly know a creature, slither a mile in its tentacles.
Converted Mana Cost: Mana 2.png
P/T: 0/1
Block: Rise of the Eldrazi
Rarity: Rare
Card #: 84/249
Artist: James Ryman
  • Vintage - Legal
  • Legacy - Legal
  • Extended - Legal
  • Standard - Legal
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