Souls of the Faultless

Souls of the Faultless GP.jpg

Souls of the Faultless Mana W.pngMana B.pngMana B.png

Type(s): Creature - Spirit
Description: Defender (This creature can't attack.)
Whenever Souls of the Faultless is dealt combat damage, you gain that much life and attacking player loses that much life.
Flavor Text: More horrible than their empty forms are their noble eyes. I dare not strike.
- Klattic, Boros legionnaire
Converted Mana Cost: Mana 3.png
P/T: 0/4
Block: Guildpact
Rarity: Uncommon
Card #: 131/165
Artist: Pat Lee
  • Vintage - Legal
  • Legacy - Legal
  • Extended - Legal
  • Classic - Legal
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