Mana W.pngMana B.png Knights of Cydonia
First strike, Indestructible Knights

Granted, Uncle Istvan isn't a Knight but he's already a 4 cost damage preventer, added with Pariah and you've got yourself prepped to get the rest setup.

The deck is split; white for creatures and black for control spells. White has a couple odds and ends such as the Hyena Umbra's, which I went for because it only costs a single W for +1/+1 and first strike but it'll help keep the Knight Exemplar's in play longer as they become a target really quickly.

To go with the theme of Knights I added in the Sword of Vengeance and the artifact Gauntlet of Power.

The Sun Titans are a great way on bringing back the black control spells to help keep dominance on the field.

Other than that all the knights themselves all have first stike. While play testing this against my Vampire deck and Red Control deck, all the first strike creatures became rather daunting and I was often able to get through an attack phase unharmed, which allowed me to bring out more first strike creatures all while being able to get rid of creatures, however playing against the Vampire deck I ran into the problem of not being able to use Doom Blade or Hideous End, which is where Unmake would become much more useful.

Potential Changes:

  • I'd like to switch out the 2 Hideous End's for 2 more Unmake's
  • I wouldn't mind seeing maybe another Pariah in there
  • Maybe a couple more Umbra's
  • Getting the deck down to and even 60