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Shadowmoor is a set released in 2008 in the Shadowmoor Block. This set is supposed to be the darker side of the Lorwyn block that preceded it. This set revolves around death and chaos as opposed to Lorwyn's happiness and calmness.

One of the many powerful cards out of Shadowmoor

This introduced a new mechanic/ability into the Magic The Gathering series. The ability Wither where creatures deal damage in the form of -1/-1 counters. There were also other abilities just as Persist where creatures return from the dead with a -1/-1 counter, Conspire which allows you to tap permanents of the same color to cast the card easier, and the Untap ability which has been void from the Magic the Gathering series until now.

There were 5 theme decks that were released for this set. Aura Mastery (Blue/White), Mortal Coil (Black/Blue), Arm of Entropy (Red/Black), Overkill (Green/Red), and Turnabout (Green/White).