Clockwork Avian

Clockwork Avian AQ.jpg

Clockwork Avian 5 Mana.gif

Type(s): Artifact Creature - Bird
Description: Flying
Clockwork Avian enters the battlefield with four +1/+0 counters on it.
At end of combat, if Clockwork Avian attacked or blocked this combat, remove a +1/+0 counter from it.
{X}, Tap: Put up to X +1/+0 counters on Clockwork Avian. This ability can't cause the total number of +1/+0 counters on Clockwork Avian to be greater than four. Activate this ability only during your upkeep.
Converted Mana Cost: Mana 5.png
P/T: 0/4
Block: Antiquities
Rarity: Special
Card #: 10/100
Artist: Randy Asplund-Faith
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