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The Kamigawa block was released on October 4th, 2004. This block was special in the fact that it added quite a few new things to the game which really haven't been seen before, or at least not much. This block revolves around the Japanese sense of the old wars. With creatures like Spirits, Ninjas, Samurai's, and Wizards you find that it falls right into Japanese myth and lore quite easily.

This set was the first to introduce non-Rare Legendary cards.

[edit] Mechanics

  • Arcane Spell's are just like normal spells, however have a instant typing. Generally, this is nothing special, but directly out of the Kamigawa block are cards with the Splice onto Arcane ability that allow you to play a spell and another arcane spell for either a lower mana cost or an added ability. Regardless, it is kept as if it was one spell instead of activating two.
  • Bushido is an ability that only appeared on Samurai. Whenever they blocked or became blocked they'd get +x/+x where x is their Bushido.
  • Flip Cards are special cards that have two parts to them. These cards are usually rares, but there are also common and uncommon ones. These cards usually have some sort of requirement you must meet in order to flip it.
  • Soulshift, much like Bushido, is only found in the Kamigawa block. This ability allows the player to return spirit cards with a converted mana cost equal to or less than the number of Soulshift on the card that has been sent to the graveyard that turn.
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