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Zendikar block was released in October of 2009. This set revolves around land, as the block is entirely about the harsh planes of Zendikar and how the very essence of mana/land grows it's own force and will and fights! With this block comes a bunch of new features, such as Lands that can attack, creatures that benefit from lands coming into play, and the return of older creatures not seen en mass for quite a while. Also, two new type of sub genre for cards was released. These are called Traps and Quests.

[edit] Mechanics

  • Landfall is the ability that is activates whenever a land comes into play under the that players controls. The effects vary, some of them boost power/toughness while others allow the player to make the opponent discard cards off their library.
  • Quest enchantments are a sub genre enchantment, much like Aura's. These enchantments involve Quest Counters and are activated once a certain number of counters have been placed on it. These effect vary.
  • Trap spells are instant spells that are activated when something is triggered.
  • Intimidate] is a new ability that replaces the old ability Fear. This ability only allows Artifact and creatures that share a color with the attacking creature to block it.
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